Roads Department

Roads Department


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Dennis Miller, Road Superintendent
3718 Weymouth Road

For help with Township Streets, County Roads and State Routes consult the list below, then phone the appropriate department:

opens in a new windowMap of Medina Township,Medina Township Streets, County Roads in Medina Township, State Routes in Medina Township and Private Streets Listopens PDF file

  • *Medina Township Streets- Roads Department: Phone: 330.764.8767; Fax: 330.725.2945.
  • *County Roads in Medina Township- Medina County Highway Department: 330.764.8780
  • *State Routes in Medina Township- Ohio Department of Transportation: 330.725-8103
The Medina Township Service Dept. does much more than just maintain the roads. We maintain the parks, township buildings, cemeteries, plow snow, and remove road hazards such as dead deer, fallen or dead trees and flooding. We currently have three full-time employees and three part-time employees.  We do our best with the resources available.

Thank you very much for your support of our effort to keep the Township safe and beautiful.


Paving Plumcreek


Denny's New Snow Plow

salt truck

Winter Salt Truck