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Zoning Office, Inspectors and Procedures


Due to the New Years holiday falling on Saturday January 1, 2022, the Medina Township Townhall will be closed Friday, December 31, 2021.  Board of Zoning Appeals submittals must be delivered to the Townhall office by noon, December 30, 2021, to be considered for review at the January 19, 2022, Board of Zoning Appeals meeting.



Effective immediately, the procedure for submitting zoning applications has been changed to promote social distancing and minimize person-to-person contact.  Zoning applications can be picked up in the Medina Township Townhall foyer or from this page under 'Downloads'.  Please call Elaine Ridgley at 330 721-1997 to ensure all necessary information is included on the application along with any needed supporting documents and fees. A drop-off box has been installed in the Townhall foyer for your completed applications.  Incomplete Zoning applications will not be accepted and will delay Permit issuance.  As per current procedures, approved applications will have Permits issued within 10 business days and can be picked up in the Townhall foyer.  Thank you for your patience during this pandemic and please stay safe.

Contact Us:
Elaine Ridgley
3799 Huffman Road
 Zoning Office Email email envelope link

Please call the zoning office BEFORE you put up any structures on your property!! This includes pools, decks, barns, houses, etc. The zoning office can be reached at 330.721.1997. You can download all current regulations below.


opens in a new windowMedina Zoning Book, 2006, Revised 2019, Downloadopens PDF file
Zoning Commission & Board of Appeals Deadlines & Meetings - Downloadableopens PDF file
opens in a new windowView Township Zoning Mapopens PDF file
Medina Township Comprehensive Planopens PDF file

Dear Applicants: In order to process your application(s) in a timely and efficient manner, an application must be legible, completed in full and submitted by the applicable deadline dates. Any incomplete application(s) will not be processed, and will be returned to the applicant. Please note than an incomplete application may result in a delay of being heard by the board.

We hope by bringing this to your attention the application process will proceed more smoothly and efficiently. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

Medina Township Staff
Medina Township Zoning Office

*If a business is submitting a site and sign at the same time (at the same meeting) the fee is $50 (a savings of $25). If a business is going into an established building on Route 3, Route 18 or Pearl Road, only 19 copies are needed. If it is a new building, 21 copies are needed.