PRESS RELEASE: June 9, 2017

To the Residents of Medina Township from Mr. Bill Ostmann and Mr. Ray Jarrett:

Response to Mark Roberts, Medina Township Firefighter, statement made on Channel 5 that “people will die” if Township merges with City fire.

The contract with Medina City actually gives the residents of the Township better coverage.  Medina Township Fire only has day time staffing.  The contract will provide staffing from 8 am to midnight.  A review of all calls for service by time of day, and by day of week has been reviewed.  Staffing is determined by data analysis.

Mark Roberts, in his on camera interview, stated that all this was done in secret.  Over the last year or so several options have been reviewed.  The options included a new fire station, full-time staffing and a Fire District.  All of these options have been discussed in regular open Trustees meetings.

On May 9, 2017, a workshop was held to look at a 5 year plan.  A plan was presented by the Fire Department with no specific cost of the plan that included a new station, new fire truck, and full time staffing.  At that time the additional revenue needed to support the plan would be at least 3 mils.  A statement was made that a conversation on a fire district with the City was in progress and numbers should be available shortly.


Road Closings:
  • Nettleton Road and Wildwood Drive Paving starts today until completed.  We apologize for any inconvenience but the roads need to be paved.
  • We will officially close Hillview Way,  May 22, 2017 for 30 days.  A detour will be set up.
Route 42 Weekly Updates:

We will be closing the Grande Blvd intersection with US42 in order to remove the stone apron and pave the intersection up through the intermediate course (middle course of asphalt) from 5a-9a on Friday, June 23, 2017. Hillview will be open by this time.

US 42- US 42, from just south of Harding Street to just south Reagan Parkway, will continue to have restricted lane widths as work continues to widen the west side. US 42, from Highland/Harding Rd. to Reagan Parkway will continue to have intermittent lane closures for various work items. Hillview remains closed from the Dunkin Donuts driveway to US 42 as part of its 30 day closure. The detour for westbound motorists is US 42 north to Grande Blvd., west on Grande Blvd to N. Huntington St, south on N. Huntington St. to Hillview Rd., and reverse for westbound motorists.

Because of the work on Reagan Parkway, the Stonegate Dr. closure will be postponed to later this month.  Specific project work can be found online at The project is expected to be complete in October 2018.

For more information contact: District 3 Communications at 419-207-7181

Dennis Miller, Road Superintendent
3718 Weymouth Road
Craig Plute, Road Foreman
3718 Weymouth Road
  • Medina Township is looking for seasonal athletic field and road department labor to fill our needs from April thru September. Please click here to apply.
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Map of Medina Township,Medina Township Streets, County Roads in Medina Township, State Routes in Medina Township and Private Streets List
For help with Township Streets, County Roads and State Routes consult the above list and phone the appropriate department below:
  • *Medina Township Streets- Roads Department: Phone: 330.764.8767; Fax: 330.725.2945.
  • *County Roads in Medina Township- Medina County Highway Department: 330.764.8780
  • *State Routes in Medina Township- Ohio Department of Transportation: 330.725-8103
The Medina Township Service Dept. does much more than just maintain the roads. We maintain the parks, township buildings, cemeteries, plow snow, and remove road hazards such as dead deer, fallen or dead trees and flooding. We currently have three full-time employees and three part-time employees.  We do our best with the resources available.

Thank you very much for your support of our effort to keep the Township safe and beautiful.


Denny's New Snow Plow
Winter Salt Truck
Paving Plumcreek
Digging Dugouts, 2013
Slide Show of Service Department Garage Construction
Slide Show of Denny Digging Dugouts
Slide Show of Hood Road Ditch Clean-Up
Slide Show of Weymouth Community Center Old Floor Removal
Slide Show of Painting Grande Boulevard
Slide Show of Huffman Road Culvert Repair
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