MONTVILLE TOWNSHIP (Medina County) – Police are on high alert in wake of a series of nighttime burglaries, and they are urging residents to stay vigilant and immediately report suspicious activity.

Police say that most break-ins happen during the day, when no one is home, but Montville Police are now warning residents about a string of nighttime burglaries. Lieutenant Matt Neil said, in the past week Montville Police have responded to four homes which were burglarized during the nighttime hours, and one attempted burglary, which was foiled when the home owner yelled at the suspect after being woken to his patio window being smashed, at 3:30am.

Police were already investigating two burglaries which occurred in the last month on the west side of the township, near State Route 3, when the most recent burglaries began in the northeast quadrant of the township, near State Route 18 and River Styx Road.

Police have stepped up patrol, but they are urging residents to call for any suspicious activity, no matter the time of day. Lieutenant Neil said that residents in some of the neighboring homes have reported their doorbell being rung during the night time hours. Police believe this may be one way the suspects use to determine if anyone is home, before they kick in a door or break a window.

Police are very concerned about this elevation in criminal activity and are reminding residents to stay vigilant, lock their doors, activate home security alarms, or cameras, and call police if you see a suspicious person or vehicle in your neighborhood.

Security Camera photos and a video of suspect(s) can be viewed by clicking the above photo