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sarah provincetown beach paintingTownship resident Sarah Griffith, a high school senior, studied this summer at the The Cape Cod School of Art in Provincetown, RI. Sarah  is the daughter of township residents Jane and Frank Griffith.

The school was founded by Charles W. Hawthorne to educate artists in the perception and use of color and light in representational painting. Workshops, classes, and lectures inform a new generation of artists about the enduring influence of American Impressionist Henry Hensche. The Cape Cod School of Art was the first outdoor summer school for figure painting and grew into one of the nation’s most prestigious art schools.Hawthorne brought French Impressionism to America and one of his best students was Normal Rockwell.

Sarah, one of their youngest students, studies under Cedric Egeli of Annapolis, MD who at 85 years old is the only remaining student of Henry Hensche, who was taught by Hawthorne.